The Project Engineering Tools (PET) program is designed to perform activities and produce documents normally required of instrumentation and control systems engineers. These documents include the following:

All functions are menu driven using standard Microsoft Windows conventions. The program is completely network compatible. Multiple users can access the same databases simultaneously without fear of data corruption.

A knowledge of DBase or Paradox is not required in order to be proficient in the use of Project Engineering Tools. Context sensitive help screens are available throughout the program.

Data entry is performed only once and stored in database format in only one place. Data redundancy is eliminated. A change in the instrument index is immediately reflected in all downstream documents such as calculations and data sheets. Popup windows for data entry are available throughout the program, allowing for consistent data entry throughout the project databases.

The databases are stored in Paradox for Windows v5.0 or later format. The database engine used in Project Engineering Tools allows sophisticated queries and search/replace functions using structured query language (SQL).

Clear and concise reports are built in to the program for all activities. Where issued documents are involved, such as the instrument index, calculations, data sheets, and others, all changes from the previous issue are automatically flagged by the program without requiring any intervention from the user. If other custom reports are required they can be prepared by any number of 3rd party report packages that can read Paradox database tables.

Project Engineering Tools has built-in security procedures that prevent unauthorized users from accessing or manipulating database information. The security levels are flexible and assignable under Project Engineering Tools program control. Access to different parts of the program is completely configurable by the System Administrator of the program. As an example, it might be desired to give read-only privileges to certain users. This is done on a individual job and individual document basis.


System Requirements

The Project Engineering Tools program has the following requirements:

Intel Pentium class machine
Windows 95, or Windows NT 3.51 or later
32 Megabytes RAM
60 Megabytes of disk space for the program files



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